Kamis, 22 Maret 2012

kata-kata mutiara

"A true scholar is a scholar who is able to create their own jobs, rather than looking for work"

"Human freedom is a man who did not want to set up and did not want to set"

"Sooner or later the man must die, all options are in the hands of life itself"

"People can know many things, but rest assured, people can not know everything"
Prayer gives strength to the weak, makes people not believe in a trust and give courage to those who fear.

If we do good, too good that we will receive later.

A smile will not only show a bright face, but also warm the soul.

Love is arrogant and soft. Better to have love than having all the stars in the sky.

What is important is not how long we live but how we live.

Good advice never comes too late.

Addressed to envy someone will hurt themselves.

You can only live once in this world, but if you live it right, once is enough.

Sometimes you do not appreciate people who love you wholeheartedly, sehinggalah you lose it. At that time, nothing to regret because it goes without berpatah again.

Love never asks, she sentiasa giving, love brings suffering, but never bear a grudge, never revenge. Where there is love there is life; when hatred leads to extinction.

Do not love someone like flowers, dead flowers kerana when the seasons change. Love them like a river, the river flows forever kerana.

The beginning of love is to let those you love to be himself, and not turn it into a picture that you want. If not, you love only the reflection you find yourself in him.

Love can soften iron, stone, raised the dead and breathed life into him and make the slave leader. This dasyatnya love!

The words of love that was born just at the mouth and not in the liver is able to crush the entire body and soul, when the words of love that was born from a sincere heart is able to mengubati all wounds in the hearts of the hearers.

You never know when you'll fall in love. but when the time comes it, grab with both hands, and do not let him get away with a million flavors dihatinya question mark.

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